Elizabeth Fraser. Writer. Producer.

Elizabeth is a Hamilton-based writer/producer, who used to go searching for unicorns as a child. When she grew up she decided to make films. Not about unicorns. But similarly fantastical things.


Since unicorn-stalkers also need day-jobs, she has worked on projects including the darkhorse NBC web comedy The Amazing Gayl Pile and hit shows like HGTV’s Property Brothers: Buying & Selling

She is a graduate of the Canadian Film Centre’s Cineplex Entertainment Film Program (Writers’ Lab), and in 2016 she attended the 2016 Reykjavik International Film Festival Talent Lab. Elizabeth also studies Creative Writing at the University of Oxford.

Her latest project to move into development is a dramatic comedy based on her life as a single mother tentatively titled, Elizabeth,Unlikely. She is also slated to make her directorial debut later this year on the bleakly comedic short film, The Complaint Desk.  She is also writing and producing a film adaptation an early work by celebrated science fiction writer Philip K. Dick.  


No unicorns will be harmed in the making of any of these projects.

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Breann Smordin. Producer.

Breann Smordin is a Toronto-based aspiring filmmaker. In 2014 Breann graduated from York

University’s distinguished Bachelor of Arts Program in Media, Film and Theatre Studies.


Near the beginning of her career she was able to work on independent productions in various

different roles, from working in the Art Department to an Executive Assistant. In 2015 Breann began to work with notable studio productions such as Hallmark’s Good Witch (2015), One Race

Production’s XXX: Return of Xander Cage (2016), Mark Gordon’s Conviction (2016), MGM’s Condor (2017), and many other large scale projects.


Breann has immersed herself into the world of Production and is now interested in creating and

discovering her own content allowing her passions and hobbies to intersect with her career, beginning with but not ending at Assistant Production Managing a project titled Likeness.

In 2017 Breann broadened her artistic scope in becoming a Floral Designer combining her love of nature and coordinating. She is constantly inspired by vibrations – she sees the art in the everyday; in the people, in the movement in the colour around her. For many years Breann has seen both the large and small scales of production, she has seen sets and offices, paperwork and wires she has seen the ins and outs of the biggest. As a result Breann is motivated, now more than ever, to allow an audience to see her vision and bring her art to life.